Custom Framing

Its cheaper than a Lounge Suite that you throw out in 5 Years.

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Framing Suggestions with options

With this fast paced world

we need all the help we can get to remember what we would normally forget. Get your images onto the wall and help ward off forgetting the beautiful times that you had with family & Friends

Frame your photos don't hide them

on your phone or computer. They will be forever in the dark and it will not invoke memories. We need our photos to be printed and framed to keep our memories alive. The safest backup is a print

Keep your trip in your mind

There is no better way to preserve that great trip you have just been on, then putting together a wonderful collage to remember what it was all about. There are very good options available

Choices of Matt Board

Patrick Carrigan

Patrick gifted this to his Grandfather for christmas. What a sensational memory and how proud is his Grandfather. This is the power of framing your memories. How precious is this in the years to come, hanging on the wal

Robert Whittaker

I can frame just about anything. I love creating a beautiful design using Mattboard and frames that the design flows from edge to edge and looks seamless . You have to see the image and not the frame. Robert was a UFC champion

War Medals

Another good example of Matt board and frame co-ordination. The images and objects stand out and not the frame and matting. I have tried to incorporate the wood to resemble the old .303 rifle stock. Completing the story

 Hanging System

Hanging Solutions for your home

A gallery style hanging system custom designed for your home.  Keep it neat and tidy no unsightly holes in the wall. A great idea for simplicity and impact

Protect Your Artwork & Photos with UV Glass

UltraVue Glass. 70% uv Protection


  • Virtually eliminates reflections
  • Filters up to 70% of UV rays
  • Water White substrate provides crystal clear colour transmission
  • Light transmission brighten colours and contrast levels
  • Enhanced surface for better durability and easy cleaning
  • Proprietary coating is engineered for permanence
  • 36″ x 48″ –  916mm  x 1220mm
  • 2.5mm thick.


  • Custom Framing items that are not sensitive to UV damage or items that will be displayed in controlled light environment to limit UV exposure
  • Items that can be reproduced or replaced easily.
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