Wedding Photography

By Wayne Pratt

Beautiful memories created and treasured forever.


Experience & Creativity

Wedding photography captured by a true master photographer with over 20 years experience. Wayne will bring a unique creativity to you.  A true professional photographer that can handle all types of weather and be able to help you through the day to give you the best experience. The result is truly fantastic photos to be treasured.


Value & Reliability

You’ll not find wedding packages with such good value. Other photographers with a similar level of ability will have a much higher price. These packages have been created form Wayne’s passion to offer án affordable price for such a special day to be captured in a true professional way. Take a look at our custimisable wedding packages below .

Print, Framing & Albums

You also get the benefit of a photographer that has thier own framing and print shop to give you plenty of options to display your wedding photos. Wayne knows how to photograph your wedding to give you the best printing quality. You’ll also get affordable pricing on framed photos, canvas wall prints and albums for your wedding day photos.

Wedding Packages

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